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Related article: belly. There was a small but growing stain from where the pre-cum had been
oozing out of his slit. In order to keep his hands away from his throbbing
member, Roger resorted to sitting on them, which in some cases made matters
even worse because his right index finger had now found his asshole.
As soon as Koby pushed his Preteen Nymphets Bbs ass back onto Pettitte's waiting cockhead, it
popped in. This action, and the feeling that came from it elicited moans
from both parties. Pettitte pushed maybe a half an inch more in before
stopping and pulling back out so only the cockhead was left in. Then he
waited a few seconds before pushing in a half inch more than he dared to
push the last time. He continued this for at least ten minutes, and each
time he pushed his member back into Koby's ass, Koby's dick nearly gushed
out more pre-cum as it smacked his stomach.
On the last push, Pettitte shoved his entire dick into Koby's hole. And
retreated nearly all the way out, leaving only the dickhead in. He
continued this rhythm, speeding up to increase the friction and the
pleasure. Soon sweat was dripping from Andy's naked chest and body on to
"Ohh your hole is so fuckin tight. Thank goodness your dad let me fuck you
first this is the best lay I've had in years boy!" whispered Pettitte into
Koby's ear as he took a break from pounding his ass with his cock still
"Don't stop yet old man. I need you to work me over some more!" replied
"Don't worry about that there's a lot more still left to come." Said
After quickly catching his breath, Pettitte resumed the anal pounding of
the younger Clemens. Soon enough his hard thick shaft slid easily in and
out of Koby's tight hole. With the pace increasing, Koby repositioned
himself with the back of his on the cushions and his lower back resting on
the back of the sofa. Pettitte was then able to spread Koby's legs wider to
enable him to pound his dick in there harder and further as he stands behind
With this new position each time Pettitte pounded his meat into Koby,
Koby's cock slapped his stomach sending even more sensations through this
body. Being so over stimulated, Koby couldn't last much longer. And on one
of Andy Pettitte's thrusts, he let loose.
"Motherfucker! Don't stop! Don't stop it motherfucker!" yelled Koby as
his cock started to spurt semen all over.
Blast after blast of cum landed on Koby's chest and stomach, with a few
reaching as far was the floor behind his head. All the time Koby hadn't
once touched his cock, which as most of you all know is one of the best
feelings. The intenseness of his orgasm caused his eyes to glaze over and
some drool escaped from his parted lips.
This did not stop Pettitte from pounding his ass. On the contrary Pettitte
sped up when he felt the muscles in Koby's ass start to convulse rapidly as
Koby reached the peak of his orgasm. Pettitte could feel that his was
losing his grip, and could feel the first rocket of semen shooting out of
his penis into Koby's intestines. This was followed quickly by the second,
third, and fourth blast coating Koby's insides. All the while, Pettitte
kept thrusting his cock in and out getting the most pleasure out of his
orgasm as humanly possible. After a few more jets of cum were released from
his Preteen Nymphets Bbs cock head he pulled out, with some residual cum dripping from the head
of his now Preteen Nymphets Bbs shrinking uncut cock.
As soon as Koby and Pettitte had changed positions, Roger had started to
stroke his throbbing cock again. He couldn't help it and could tell that
they were both close. And when he saw Pettitte speed up he started to pump
his own cock furiously. Slowly, Roger lifted his legs and rested them on
opposite arms of his recliner. Thus, exposing his pucker, which he almost
immediately plugged with his left index and middle finger. His right hand
was pumping his cock to no end while watching his now climaxing son who was
being fucked by his best friend and teammate, all the while two of his left
fingers were pumping in and out of his hole.
When Koby's head rolled back with that glazed look on his face and
Pettitte's face scrunched up signaling his orgasmic pleasure, The Rocket's
member exploded like, well a rocket. The first three blasts shot a good
three feet over Roger's head, with the next two landing on his face. The
last five shots stained his t-shirt, with some leftover cum oozing from the
dickhead. Roger exhaled, because he had unknowingly held his breath the
whole time.
"So, who wants lunch? I'm buying." Asked Roger
"Me!" chimed both Pettitte and Koby.
"Ok, and then perhaps we'll swing back here for some dessert?" asked Roger
"Sounds good to me" replied Pettitte.
"Same here" said Koby
With that the three of them got dressed and headed out to Roger's Hummer to
find a good restaurant for lunch.
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 11:36:29 -0500
From: J J
Subject: curve ball - 4
Please remember that these stories Preteen Nymphets Bbs are entirely fictional and in no ways
implies anything about the characters portrayed.
"I think I need a nap." Muttered Andy Pettitte, a starting pitcher for the
Houston Astros.
"Count me in." replied Roger Clemens an All-Star pitcher for the Houston
The two of them were on either side of Roger's newly turned pro son, Koby
Clemens. They sat in the front seat of Roger's Ford 150 pickup truck. They
had just had a fantastic sex romp with two police officers who pulled Roger
over for speeding. All three of them were exhausted and just wanted to go
to their houses and sleep.
"Tomorrow we start going on another road trip huh?" asked Pettitte who knew
the answer but was trying to make conversation.
"Yeah, we gotta head out to LA to play the Dodgers for a few days." Replied
"Do you guys know anyone from the Dodgers that ...uh... we could have fun
with?" asked Koby who was now getting very into being with guys.
"No one on the team... But its LA kid, and your daddy is fucking Roger
Clemens. Don't worry, we'll have our choice of who we wanna fuck." Replied
The three of them went their separate ways, resting up for their big trip
to Los Angeles. Pettitte went home to his wife and kids, and Koby and Roger
stayed at the Clemens household and lounged around. Roger grabbed a shower
and Koby followed quickly, trying to look inconspicuous when Roger's
wife/Koby's mother came home. That night Koby went out with some friends,
then came home and packed his things for his first major league road trip.
The next morning Roger and Koby got up early to meet the team at the
airport for their trip to Los Angeles. The trip out was eventless;
basically everyone was just conserving their energy for the game that they
had to play that night. Roger was starting so he didn't want to get any
little quickies on the plane. Koby knew he wouldn't play at all since he
had just been drafted a few days ago, and hadn't even started playing for
his minor league team yet, but his dad had brought him along for the ride.
The team didn't even get to Preteen Nymphets Bbs go to its hotel before the game, because they
were running late. Instead they went directly to the Dodgers' clubhouse and
relaxed for a few hours before their game was to start. The players who
were playing that night stretched and warmed Preteen Nymphets Bbs up to take batting practice.
Koby took all of this in, knowing that some day he would be in their places.
Eventually the game started but Koby was still wondering around in the
clubhouse. He took a quick glance at his cell phone, and found that his
father had texted him before the game: Hey bud, have fun today I know it'll
be special. Koby didn't think twice and kept on going.
"Hello there, would you be nice enough to point me in the direction of the
field?" an unusually familiar man asked Koby as he was walking toward the
stands, where he was to watch the game.
"I'm actually going to my seat right now, you can follow me if you want."
Replied Koby. "How did you get back here anyway?"
"I had a uhh special invitation from one of the players. I was about to
ask you the same question." Answered the man who had a Preteen Nymphets Bbs
strong face and
perfectly styled medium-short brown hair. He was wearing a business suit
that slightly enhanced his figure. Koby knew that he Preteen Nymphets Bbs
had heard his deep
voice somewhere before.
"I'm the son of one of the players." Said Koby as they both were ascending
the stairs towards the main drag inside of the stadium.
"Really? Which one is your father?" boomed the deep voice of the man as
they passed some concession stands.
"Roger Clemens. Actually I was drafted by the Astros a few days ago." Koby
"You must be Koby then. I know your dad very well. He was the Preteen Nymphets Bbs player who
invited me here. He's told me a lot about you, says you're a good kid."
The man added.
"This might sound funny but I feel like I've seen and even heard your voice
before. Have you ever been over to my dad's place?" probed Koby.
Koby knew that this man was someone his dad had fucked. Why else would be
he coming around at his father's beck and call. The odd thing was that Koby
was becoming very attracted to this powerful looking guy, although he was
wary. Koby didn't want to get lured into something he'd regret.
"No I haven't, my name is Bob Costas by the way. So I'm sure that you've
seen me before...somewhere. Your father told me he had something he wanted to
show me."
"I think I might know what he was talking about." Suggested Koby who was
looking into Bob's eyes hoping he had made the right assumption. "Have you
two ever uhh you know... fucked?"
"As a matter of fact, yes. If you didn't already know, your father is a
sex animal. He'd fuck anything that has a pulse." Stated Bob.
"Yeah, I figured that much when him, me, and Andy Pettitte took on two
policemen just to get out of a speeding ticket."
"Fucking Pettitte too?! There was five of you!? You're into it too?" Bob
could only come up with questions.
"Pettitte was the first and only person to fuck me so far, yes there were
five of us and it was amazing, and yes I enjoyed it quite a bit." Replied
"Do you wanna you know go somewhere more private?" asked Bob.
The two of them were standing at the end of the tunnel leading out to their

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